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Attorney and Business Consultant


     LynMarie Liberty-Ellington, MBA, JD caters to individuals and small businesses throughout the Arkansas River Valley (Yell, Scott, Logan, Pope, Johnson, Franklin, Conway and Faulkner counties). On rare occasion, she travels outside the River Valley on an as needed basis. LynMarie provides personal legal services to individuals in a broad range of areas including family law, criminal law, and civil litigation. She also provides business legal services in various areas of human resources, employment law, contracts, and negotiation.


     What does this mean?  Liberty-Ellington Law & Mediation offers a variety of legal services from document preparation to courtroom litigation. Our motto is if it impacts your everyday life, it is important to us. 

In addition to working with individuals and business owners that are going through difficult times and may be in the midst of litigation (going to trial) for pending cases, she also assists the community members with preventive legal services to reduce potential legal liability.

     Mrs. Liberty-Ellington is also a Mediator, certified by the Arkansas Supreme Court in family, civil, and probate mediation.

As a business consultant, LynMarie provides business solutions to small and micro businesses throughout the United States. She educates and speaks to business owners about tips, secrets, and strategies for success in small business.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and look forward to helping you! If you do not find the answer to your question while visiting, please feel free to call. If we cannot be of assistance we will guide you in the right direction.



     LynMarie Liberty-Ellington is the owner of Liberty-Ellington Law and Mediation. LynMarie provides business consulting services, mediation services, and legal services. As a life-long business owner, she started her first business at 18, LynMarie thrives on helping business owners start, build, and grow their enterprises.

Originally from Toledo, Ohio, LynMarie was a military brat grew up traveling the globe from Cannon AFB, Clovis, NM, to Clark AFB, Philippines, and then Kirkland AFB, Albuquerque, NM. After joining the Air Force, LynMarie was assigned to the Communications Squadron, Space Command, Vandenberg AFB, in Lompoc, CA.

     LynMarie started her first business as a means to eventually go to law school. In those days, law schools didn’t offer part-time, or flexible schedules. LynMarie looked at business ownership as a way to make a living while attending full-time law school.

As a youth, LynMarie always wanted to be a business owner and a lawyer. LynMarie continued her education until taking the plunge and applying to law school. Originally, LynMarie wanted to be a divorce attorney, but years of doing business and working with other business owners opened her eyes to the struggles of entrepreneurs and the devastation a small business can be in when faced with legal turmoil.

     “Many people open businesses because they want to make money with their passion, but they fail to see the ramifications of not following the rules. It’s not usually because they want to defy the rules, but they simply don’t know what the rules are or didn’t know the rule applied to them,” says Ms. Liberty-Ellington.

     As a small business owner herself, LynMarie, is able to practice the legal areas she desires, while still helping and promoting success in business.

     “If it touches the lives of the people in our community, I want to help. And if I don’t have the answers to your problems, I will help you find the right person.” LynMarie continues, “Our community will continue to grow and become more successful with the work and efforts of the people we see and talk to every day.”

     “As a business owner, I was able to make money. Throughout the years, I’ve sold businesses, even given away businesses, but I felt I needed to complete my legal education in order to truly help.”


She possesses an extraordinary passion for helping the self-employed and their families create the business and life they desire. LynMarie is a proud wife, mother, and Air Force veteran. She is a serial-business owner, and not-so-good gardener.

Some information about LynMarie’s background and experiences:

• Lyn has been working with small businesses over 20 years.

• LynMarie’s past business endeavors range from housecleaning to errand services, and business expos to football teams.

• Lyn spoke at the Women’s Housing Coalition-Albuquerque on multitasking, organizing, and budgeting.

• She founded Women’s Small Business Talk Radio.

• LynMarie created and contributed to Football4Women Magazine.

• Lyn wrote articles in New Mexico Woman Magazine.

• She was quoted in the Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks Gameday Program November 1, 2009.

• Hot Pink Mama’s -Women’s Business Networking – Albuquerque, Dallas

• Women’s Small Business Expo

• Past Certifications: Texas Real Estate License, 2012; Series 7, 66, 63 (Financial Investments and Insurance).



• She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Information Systems.

• LynMarie has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration

• Lyn also graduated with a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arkansas-William H. Bowen School of Law.

• Jewel Minnis Scholarship recipient

• She completed the 40-hour Arkansas Mediation Training Seminar, 20-hour Family Mediation Training, Access and Visitation Program Mediator.

• Arkansas Judiciary Commission Certified Mediator in the areas of Family/Divorce, Civil Disputes, and Probate Matters.


Interesting facts:

• Voted 2012 Top 100 Best Experts to Follow on Twitter-WSBTalk Radio

• 2010 Owner of the Year for the National Women’s Football Alliance

• 2010 Owner of Championship Team, Lone Star Mustangs

• Only individual to own 3 professional women’s football teams in history:

• Lone Star Mustangs, Tulsa Eagles, Little Rock Wildcats

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