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Common Areas of Service

Family Law




A pre-nuptial agreement, commonly called a pre-nup, is a legally written contract before a marriage or civil union. It will determine asset and financial distribution in the event of a divorce. 



The legal process to end a marital or civil union relationship. A divorce decree must be granted by a court of law to revert persons to single status, and freedom to remarry. 


Child Custody

A decision by the court to determine which parent will have legal care and responsibility of the children. Courts may grant a single or joint parental custody agreement. 



The legal rights of the non-custodial parent to see their children on a scheduled basis. Courts may determine the schedule and visitation details. 

Child Support

A requirement by law to contribute to the financial care and expenses of raising a child. It is usually paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent, and often determined by the court. 



This may also be known as spousal support and is a court-ordered provision of financial support to a spouse or former spouse as part of a separation or divorce agreement. 


Estate Planning



A legal document that enforces a person’s wishes for how their property and assets are distributed after their death. The person can elect a guardian for surviving children or pets.



An estate is a living or deceased person’s net worth. It is the economic evaluation of all the individual’s investments, assets, and interests. 



This is a legal arrangement to ensure a person’s assets eventually go to specified beneficiaries and is also known as a trust fund or trust account.

Business Owner Estate Planning

Strategies are developed to ensure the smooth transition of business control and ownership upon the owner's passing. It minimizes disputes among heirs and surviving business partners.


Criminal Law Defense Litigation 

The legal process that unfolds when an individual is accused of a crime. A court may impose penalties for felonies, misdemeanors, or criminal infractions.


Business Law

Business Formation

A process of legally establishing an entity to conduct business activities. The business needs to register with government agencies, obtain required licenses/permits, and define structure. 


Property Leases

Legal and binding contracts that set terms of rental agreements in real estate and stipulate the duties of each party. The original owner ultimately retains possession of the property. 


Business Documents

A written or electronic record providing information or evidence related to a business transaction, activity, or operation. Examples are reports, presentations, guidelines, and plans. 



A written or verbal agreement between parties, usually concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is designed to be enforceable by law. 


Business-To-Business Matters

These are transactions between business organizations, often referred to as B2B. It refers to business conducted between companies rather than a company and individual consumer.


Business Disputes

This relates to any kind of dispute between two business parties regarding a written agreement signed by the involved parties. Disputes often occur over payments or services. 


Employment Law


A period of time before starting a job where there may be a process of activities to complete. These may include background checks, medical exams, and drug tests.



A step-by-step process to employ an individual to perform duties and receive payment for those services. This includes application reviews, interviews, and selections.



A term that refers to aspects concerning the employee’s exit or separation from employment, and means the period or benefits after the employee leaves the position. 



The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of ethnicity, age, sex, or disability. 



Intentional verbal or physical behavior that is offensive to others. It can be demonstrated in many forms, including a hostile environment, online abuse, and intimidation. 


General Civic Litigation

This applies to any legal dispute where two or more parties seek monetary damages or specific performance, and does not include criminal accusations. 


Preventative Law (No Pending Litigation)

Elected methods to check on areas of potential liability and ways to reduce or eliminate potential areas of liability. It is designed to help prevent liable incidents from occurring.


Business Law

Business Formation and Dissolution

A legal process of ending a business or organization, either voluntarily, by owners, or involuntarily, by creditors or law. 


Contracts, Leases, Agreements

Business contracts are legal agreements between two parties creating legal obligations. 

Business leases are contracts between the owner and the business lessee.

Business agreements are documents that outline the terms of an arrangement between two or more parties.



Dialogue between two or more parties to resolve differences. It involves strategic discussions intended to resolve issues that all parties find acceptable.


Contractor, Subcontractor, Independent Contractor

A contractor is a person or entity hired to provide materials, labor, or services as per the agreement.

A subcontractor is a person or business that undertakes to perform all or part of the obligations of another party’s contract.

An independent contractor works as required for an employer within an agreement.


Asset Protection

A component of financial planning intended to protect one’s assets from creditor claims while operating within the bounds of debtor-creditor law.


A legal process where business issues and corporate organizations are taken to court to present arguments for their case.


Outside General Counsel

This refers to a legal professional or law firm providing legal advice or services to a company on an as-needed basis without being an in-house employee.

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