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     Legal disputes can be time-consuming, expensive, and physically draining. The court takes control of the dispute and determines how you are going to live with the results.

Mediation is a process that gives you and the other party control of the ultimate outcome of your dispute. It bridges the gap between negotiation and litigation. As an impartial third-party, the mediator helps to facilitate an outcome by guiding parties through potential impasses that come from emotions, history, or anger and helps to develop creative solutions within a confidential environment.

     The American Arbitration Association reports an overall 85% success rate for voluntary mediations. Court-ordered mediations report a 75% success rate on average.

However, different categories of mediation have an increased level of success due to the nature of the dispute.

     There are several kinds of disputes that can benefit from mediation. Our office works with Contract Disputes, Personal Injury Claims, Construction Issues, Landlord/Tenant Disputes, Employment Differences, Probate, and Domestic Relations (Custody, Visitation, and Property settlements).

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