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Typical Letter sent to opposing party when one party contacts our office regarding mediation.





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                                                                                                    August 2023



Dear Party 1 and Party 2,

         Party 1 contacted our office regarding the option of mediation between the two of you.  I am a Certified Mediator and Licensed Attorney in the State of Arkansas. As a Mediator, I act as a neutral party to help two parties come to a resolution they both can live with without litigation (going to court). Once I become a Mediator in a dispute, I cannot act as an Attorney for either party.

         I feel that mediation is a great alternative to litigation and is the best way to resolve an issue when both parties feel they can work together to resolve a dispute. Mediation tends to be less expensive, a quicker result, and more compatible with a family’s needs. Feel free to research the benefits of mediation. On the other hand, some situations can only be resolved by going before a Judge.

         I have a few options in the coming weeks. If the situation is one that you wish for me to contact the other party, please indicate which dates are best for you and I will forward the information on to the other party.

·         Tuesday: Full Day Mediation 9 am-5 pm

·         Monday: Full Day Mediation 9 am-5 pm

·         Sunday: Full Day Mediation 9 am-5 pm


I’ve provided a few other documents. However, if you have specific questions, feel free to contact me directly.


         Please take the time to read through the additional documents. One document is the Mediator’s Agreement to be signed and becomes a binding document between you and the Mediator. The other document is What to Expect and this document goes over the process. Please feel free to submit a Mediation Case Summary (3-4 pages double-spaced) prior to the Mediation Session if you feel it will help me understand the situation.  Not all parties feel the need to provide a Mediation Case Summary, but it is available if you need it.

         Typically, when providing Full Day Mediation Services in Dardanelle, AR, the parties stay at the office and lunch is brought into the office, so we can continue working.

The cost of mediation is $__________ for a Full Day Mediation. Each party is typically responsible for remitting ½ of the payment upon locking in and booking the mediation date. Any Case Summary should be submitted to 3 days prior to the mediation. A ½ day mediation lasts approximately 4-5 hours in instances that do not need full day mediation.

         Please note that the mediator clears a full day of scheduling to offer her services to the parties. Once payment is received, the date is scheduled for the mediation session. In the case where one-party remits payment and the other one does not, the mediation session will not be scheduled until full payment is received.


Please make payment out to: LynMarie Liberty-Ellington, MBA, JD. We accept cash, check and credit card and also accept CashApp at: $LibertyEllingtonLaw.

Our meeting location is: 

204 N. Front St.

Dardanelle, AR 72834


         Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions.  You may notice that correspondence typically will be addressed to both parties but sent to each of you individually. Any documents and conversations between the mediator and any party are strictly confidential. 

         Please leave a message if you call and do not get an answer. We are either with a client or in court. We typically return calls within 3 hours.  Thank you for your time.


LynMarie Liberty-Ellington, MBA, JD

Certified Mediator


The information provided to me via email by John Smith is as follows:


Dad John Smith



Mom Jane Smith



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